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Welcome to the main running event of Timisoara, where you can enjoy one of the five selected races on the streets and in the parks of a beautiful city. The event celebrates the entrance of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the city of Temeswar, on the “Forforosa” gate, after defeating the ottoman army, on October 18th, 1716

This is a very brief summary of Timisoara City Marathon participants’ booklet that is provided in Romanian. For more information please send your questions to contact@timisoaracitymarathon.ro

The event is scheduled on Sunday, October 28th 2018 and consists of five races.



Race Maximum participants Time limit Race description
Marathon “Cavalerii Cetatii” – “City Knights” 42 100 5:30h The start is organized from Otelec on the border between Serbia and Romania along the Bega River on the bicycle lane


Half-marathon “Eugeniu de Savoya” 200 3:00h 2 x main 10.6 km route in the city


Relay “Solii Cetatii” (2×10.6km) – “City Ambassadors” 25 teams 3:00h 2 x main 10.6 km route in the city


Cross “Poarta Forforosa” (10.6km) – “Forforosa Gate” 200 1:30h 10.6 km route in the city


Cross “Batalionul Banat” (5.5km) – “Banat Batalion” 300 0.45h City route


The fees for each race depends on the registration timeline below. No registration is valid without payment confirmation.

For any question related to registration please contact us: contact@timisoaracitymarathon.ro (english only)

Cursa / Data initializarii platii Happy Weekend

9 – 10 iunie

Cel mai bun pret!


11 iunie – 26 august 

Super redus!


27 august – 30 septembrie



1 octombrie – 14 octombrie


Locuri disponibile 
Maraton “Cavalerii Cetatii” 95 lei 105 lei 120 lei 150 lei 42 100
Semimaraton “Eugeniu de Savoya” 80 lei 90 lei 110 lei 130 lei 200
Stafeta “Solii Cetatii” (2×10.6km) – per echipa 140 lei 160 lei 200 lei 240 lei 25 echipe
Crosul “Poarta Forforosa” (10.6km) 70 lei 80 lei 100 lei 120 lei 200
Crosul “Batalionul Banat” (5.5km) 50 lei 60 lei 75 lei 90 lei 300


To register you need to fill in the following form by choosing your race:

Your place is reserved (status NEW), waiting for payment for 3 working days. If the registration fee is not paid on time, the registration is deleted and has to be repeated if participation is desired. Here’s the payment methods for the registration fee:

  • By visa card directly from the registration site;
  • Bank transfer with the following memo: „Participare TCM2018  Family Name, First name” (name of the participant if different than payer):

Into the following IBAN RO45.BACX.0000.0007.9166.2000 belonging to CS Asociația Alergotura  Unicredit Bank – in RON

You may want to check if your status is CONF (confirmed) on the participants list.  Once you are confirmed you will be assigned a race number (BIB) and a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail. You may want to use google translate to understand that letter. Please print it, sign it and have it with you at the BIB collection.

Event schedule:

Saturday, 27.10.2018

  • 10:00-16:00  BIB collection/distribution– location to be confirmed

Sunday, 28.10.2018:

Marathon“Cavalerii Cetatii”

  • 06:45 Bus departure from “Timisoara” Hotel parking to Otelec for Marathon race participants only
  • 08:30 Start of  “Cavalerii Cetatii” Marathon from  3.5 km East of  Otelec

Half-marathon “Eugeniu de Savoya”, Relay “Solii Cetatii”, Cross “Poarta Forforosa” (10.6 km individual)

  • 07:30-08:30  BIB distribution (Liberty Square – Start/Finish line)
  • 08:35 Technical presentation of the race
  • 08:45 Warm-up
  • 09:00 Start – from Liberty Square

Cross “Batalionul Banat” (5.5 km)

  • 07:30-10:00  BIB distribution (Liberty Square – Start/Finish line)
  • 10:35 Technical presentation of the race
  • 10:45 Warm-up
  • 11:00 Start – from Liberty Square

Awards ceremony

  • 14:00 Awards ceremony in Liberty Square

The schedule may be modified by organizer.



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